Factory Production Worker job in Canada


Factory Production Worker job in Canada. Tired of searching of job in Canada? CANFOR CANADA Company has published a Factory Production Worker job offers a salary package of CAD 15-25 per hour for the Factory Production Worker position.

Job Title:

  • Factory Production Worker

Salary Factory Production:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Duties and Summary:

  • Cleanup efforts at the site necessitated shovelling, lifting, and hauling boards and debris under poor weather conditions.
  • Performing a variety of duties and tasks within your designated area of the manufacturing facility on a rotating basis. Check the work for
  • correctness and precision. Keeping to timetables to ensure accurate production tracking. Put your analytical, troubleshooting, and
  • communication abilities to use by coordinating with your team lead and maintenance staff to restore order.
  • Assuming personal accountability for helping to maintain a risk-free workplace for all employees, clients, and site visitors.

Minimum Requirements/About the Applicant

  • Prioritizing safety
  • Proficient in working in a team and able to coordinate efforts with others
  • Excessive promptness and meticulousness

Last date to apply:

  • April 30, 2024
Applying Criteria
  • Follow the given method and apply accordingly.
  • This company is seeking competent and hardworking employees.
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom and apply directly.

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