Night Receptionist job in Germany

Constance Hotels & Resorts

Night Receptionist job in Germany. Constance Hotels & Resorts has announced the vacancies for the Night Receptionist job  in order to run the operations seamlessly. As a Night Receptionist/Cashier, you will be responsible for providing professional and customer-focused service to our guests, ensuring that their stay is memorable. The company offers to offer competitive pay packages. However, before applying for a job, make sure you thoroughly study the work responsibilities and criteria. Always apply through the official URL that we have included in the article. Any applications received before the application deadline will be rejected.

Job Position

  • Night Receptionist job

Job Responsibilities

Below are the essential job roles and responsibilities that you will have to perform:

  • Serve all customers in a timely, kind, and professional manner.
  • Make an effort to remember each guest’s name (if possible) and individually show them to their room.
  • Guide guests through their rooms and the hotel, and answer their questions about what to do while they’re there.
  • Keep track of daily rate levels to be sold and occupancy rates.
  • Maintain the integrity of the front desk cash register and adhere to all established regulations and procedures.

Job Requirements or Eligibility Criteria

Job requirements or eligibility criteria that the candidate has to meet are as follows:

  • A degree or certification in hotel management is very desirable.
  • Prior work experience working in the front desk of a luxury hotel or resort will add value to the profile.
  • Familiarity with the OPERA system
  • The ability to use Microsoft Office and Excel is a plus.
Application Process

Below is the application process, which we have simplified for you:

  • Clicking the Apply button in the article will redirect you to the official application link.
  • First of all, you have to register yourself with the company by creating the account.

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