Service Worker Caretaking job in Canada


Service Worker Caretaking job in Canada. Tired of searching of job in Canada? UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Company has published a Service Worker Caretaking job offers a salary package of CAD 15–25 per hour for the Service Worker Caretaking position. The following examples illustrate the range of duties and level of expertise necessary for this role. They are not meant to confine the incumbent to the duties listed. Capacity for the tasks outlined and the use of the designated tools. Possess excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

Job Title:

  • Service Worker Caretaking job

Salary Service Worker Caretaking job:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Duties and Summary:

  • Dusts and vacuums furniture, floors, hallways, stairs, and ledges with heavy-duty electric buffers, automatic floor machines, huge dust mops, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning equipment as directed by management;
  • Maintains sanitary conditions in restrooms by regularly cleaning sinks, walls, dividers, toilets, urinals, mirrors, floors, metal fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and faucets;
  • Removes trash and recyclables from buildings and places them in appropriate containers; Empties trash cans and receptacles into janitor’s cart.
  • Performs as needed carpet cleaning, surface stain removal, etc.
  • Cleans interior and exterior surfaces, including divider glass;
  • Rearranges furnishings as needed for productive work;
  • When necessary, makes mattresses for guests as part of residential operations;
  • Positions chalkboards, whiteboards, and other boards for writing as instructed; maintains an adequate supply;
  • Stocks paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and sanitizers in restrooms and utility kitchens as needed;
  • Performs routine maintenance such as replacing and cleaning light bulbs;
  • Power-washes the outdoor tile and pedestals that serve as entryways;
  • Participates in snow removal operations as needed;
  • Occasional assistance with event and exam setups is possible;
  • Maintains the cleanliness of elevators and escalators
  • Performs similar duties as needed, including locking and unlocking doors as requested.

Minimum Requirements/About the Applicant

  • Completion of tenth grade or comparable combination of education and experience.
  • An equivalent of one year of work experience is preferred.
  • Capacity for the tasks outlined and the use of the designated tools. Possess excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

Last date to apply:

  • March 19, 2024
Applying Criteria
  • Follow the given method and apply accordingly.
  • This company is seeking competent and hardworking employees.
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom and apply directly.

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