Store Manager job in Saudi Arabia

Do you prefer to work in a company where you feel comfortable? GMG with cooperative staff has announced the vacancies for the Store Manager job in order to run the operations seamlessly. In the areas of sport, everyday products, health and beauty, properties, and logistics, GMG is a leading retailer, distributor, and manufacturer of both foreign and domestic brands. The position holder is accountable for managing and boosting retail sales through GMG-compliant store operations, visual merchandising, customer service, employee motivation, and retention. The store manager is also expected to lead and mentor employees.

Job Position

  • Store Manager job

Job Responsibilities

Below are the essential job roles and responsibilities that you will have to perform:

  • Manager who briefs staff on store goals and leads sales efforts to meet revenue targets.
  • Observes all policies and procedures regarding cash, fraud, and product theft to ensure loss prevention.
  • Cash transactions (including petty cash, POS cash elements, and change floats) must be entered and managed under this person’s watchful eye.
  • Performs routine checks on store operations and addresses any problems found; helps with inventory counts and random inspections throughout the year.
  • Maintains a precise accounting of the store’s stock (including its age, loss, and location)

Job Requirements or Eligibility Criteria

Job requirements or eligibility criteria that the candidate has to meet are as follows:

  • Capable of communicating effectively in English and/or Arabic.
  • Experience in the field
  • Expertise in Retailing across a Variety of GCC-Based Product Categories
Application Process

Below is the application process which we have simplified for you:

  • Clicking the Apply button in the article will redirect you to the official application link.
  • provide your personal details which contains your previous salary and expericen etc in the application form.
  • You can apply through Facebook as well

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