Suburban Mail Carrier job in Canada

Suburban Mail Carrier job in Canada. Tired of searching of job in Canada? CANADA POST Company has published a Suburban Mail Carrier job offers a salary package of CAD 15–25 per hour for the Suburban Mail Carrier  position.

Envision yourself able to turn the road into your workplace. Canada Post is always looking for people to fill in as relief Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers.

In addition to a competitive income, this position may qualify you for future permanent Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier roles, where you can further develop your skills and explore your career options with us.

Job Title:

  • Suburban Mail Carrier

Salary Suburban Mail Carrier job:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Duties and Summary:

  • Maintain an upbeat and polite demeanor when directly interacting with customers.
  • Be efficient and careful when sorting, collecting, and transporting postal items.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the local area, from highways to stores to drop off points.
  • Be sure they have a secure method of storing their mail.
  • Handle a variety of Change of Address Notifications, Damaged Mail Reports, Items Delivered Bills (IDBs), and other CPC products and services.
  • Move objects weighing up to 22.7 kilograms (50 pounds)
  • Have practice driving a vehicle and making deliveries under a variety of climate and traffic circumstances

Minimum Requirements/About the Applicant

  • Have a solid history of safe driving
  • Have a driver’s license that is good for life in your home province
  • A minimum cargo capacity of 100 cu ft (2832 liters) .
  • A power source and metal roof top for a Canada Post sign and strobe light.
  • Optional fifth door or hatchback for loading large or awkwardly shaped things.

Last date to apply:

  • December 30, 2023
Applying Criteria
  • Follow the given method and apply accordingly.
  • This company is seeking competent and hardworking employees.
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom and apply directly.

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