Administrative Assistant job in the UAE

Administrative Assistant job in the UAE. Tired of searching for a job in the UAE? EMIRATES NBO Company has published an Administrative Assistant job offering a salary package of AED 20-30 per hour for the Administrative Assistant job position. Offer secretarial, confidential, and administrative support to the Priority Banking unit’s headquarters personnel and centers, as well as the Head of Coverage for Priority Banking.
Assist the Head of Priority Banking’s direct report with day-to-day tasks like managing their calendar, responding to emails, creating presentations, and compiling reports. Also, deal with issues that arise from PRB headquarters operations.

Job Title:

  • Administrative Assistant job

Salary Administrative Assistant job:

  • AED 20-30 per hour

Job Duties and Summary:

  • Reply drafting for the Head of Priority Banking and Personal Banking’s direct reports.
  • The creation of internal communications for the purpose of disseminating critical business, service, and operational broadcasts and announcements.
  • Preparing letters to customers and internal customers on various concerns.
  • Call filtering and main department point of contact.
  • Plan get-togethers for the people who report directly to the Priority and Personal Banking Head.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments for the Priority and Personal Banking Department Heads.
  • Send out departmental meeting requests and handle logistics.
  • Staff records keeping for a department
  • Ordering and coordinating with Procurement and IT dept for IT equipment for the Priority Banking and Personal Banking dept new joiners and existing personnel requirements.
  • Serve as the point person for all maintenance issues and requests in the workplace.
  • Act as the department heads’ primary point of contact for all Priority Banking and Personal Banking complaints, requests, inquiries, and comments from internal and external clients.

Minimum Requirements/About the Applicant

  • Follow up with the appropriate departments for approvals on bills, account opening paperwork, employee loan applications, credit card waiver requests, and adjustment forms.
  • Assist Department Heads with Administrative Tasks and Problem Solving.
  • Responsible for ordinary office transactions such as planning weekly, monthly and quarterly meeting for PRB and PSB staff.
  • Work together with third-party suppliers to acquire needed goods and services.
  • Planning trips for department heads to attend meetings and conferences.
  • Agenda setting, meeting note keeping, and attendance recording for weekly PRB and PSB meetings
  • Gathering information for customer events and assisting with event organization from a PRB and PSB perspective.
  • Making travel arrangements, mailing nominations, and inviting employees to trainings.
  • Making weekly and monthly presentations for internal and external Priority Banking meetings.

Last date to apply:

  • March 19, 2024
Applying Criteria
  • Follow the given method and apply accordingly.
  • This company is seeking competent and hardworking employees.
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom and apply directly.

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