Corrections Vocational Instructor job in the USA


Corrections Vocational Instructor job in the USA. Tired of searching of job in the USA? COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCY Company has published a Corrections Vocational Instructor job offers a salary package of USD 15–20 per hour for the Corrections Vocational Instructor job position.

Inmates at Green River Correctional Complex can take carpentry classes taught by the facility’s Corrections Vocational Instructor. This position requires competence in designing lesson plans and the ability to apply supporting carpentry curricula. The ideal candidate will have previous carpentry expertise and be familiar with common equipment and materials used in the trade.

Job Title:

  • Corrections Vocational Instructor

Salary Corrections Vocational Instructor job:

  • USD 15-20 per hour

Job Duties and Summary:

  • Using a carpentry curriculum, prisoners are taught both theoretical concepts and practical skills.
  • Prepares plans and schedules, which may involve placing orders for supplies used in a variety of woodworking tasks.
  • Keeps track of chemicals, inventory, and tools in an institutional workshop.
  • Keeps track of inmate schedules and attendance records, as well as any other paperwork that may be required by the institution.
  • Participates in meetings, writes reports, and takes part in workshops as needed to serve the institution.

Minimum Requirements/About the Applicant

  • The successful candidate for this role will be responsible for teaching and assisting inmates with a wide range of woodworking projects while adhering to all necessary safety protocols.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience with word processing and basic record keeping.
  • The right person for this job will be articulate and eager to share their knowledge with others. Experience in construction or woodworking preferred.
    Essentials Only

Last date to apply:

  • March 15, 2024
Applying Criteria
  • Follow the given method and apply accordingly.
  • This company is seeking competent and hardworking employees.
  • Press “Apply” at the bottom and apply directly.

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