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PTS Invigilator Jobs 2023 in Islamabad. We provide the latest updates on job vacancies across various government sectors. Whether you’re interested in administrative roles, technical positions, or something else, we have a wide range of opportunities waiting for you.

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PTS Invigilator Jobs 2023

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The Pakistan Testing Service Agency

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Positions Available

  • Regional Director Marketing
  • Assistant Director Marketing
  • Test Center Supervisor
  • Exam Invigilators

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Job Benefits

  • Competitive Salaries
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What We Do

  • Conducting Pre-Admission and Pre-Recruitment Tests
  • Ensuring Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Empowering Career Growth
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  • Nationwide Opportunities
  • From FATA/Gilgit Baltistan to Azad Jammu & Kashmir
  • Weekend Duty
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  • Last Date to Apply: October 30, 2023
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