Treasury Officer job in Pakistan 2023

Need a Treasury Officer job in Pakistan 2023? Afiniti has announced the vacancies for the job position in order to run the operations seamlessly. At Afiniti, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology that enriches the value of one-on-one interactions with customers. Understanding human behavior patterns allows us to foresee how people will interact and form meaningful connections, which is why we’re in this business. An organization’s financial operations would suffer greatly without the expertise of a Treasury Officer who oversees and ensures the integrity of its cash flow, financial records, and payment systems.

Job Position

  • Treasury Officer job

Job Responsibilities

Below are the essential job roles and responsibilities that you will have to perform:

  • prepare and report the Daily cash reports, payment lists, and cash-balance trends.
  • Report the current collection status of your clients to your line manager.
  • The Accounts Receivables Team will update the cash flow every day based on the invoices that have been uploaded to Hermes.
  • Keep a distinct database entry for each request, including the requestor’s email address, business and financial permission documentation, and receipts for any payments made.
  • Approve accounting data input in NetSuite for all entities, making sure transactions are correctly credited to the appropriate general ledger (GL) accounts.
  • Work together to provide payment run support to the line manager.

Job Requirements or Eligibility Criteria

Job requirements or eligibility criteria that the candidate has to meet are as follows:

  • Degree in Accounting or Finance at the Bachelor’s Level
  • Two to three years’ worth of professional experience.
  • Proficient in both oral and written English.
  • Capacity for in-depth analysis and creative problem-solving.
  • Expertise in using ERP and Reconciliation Tools is a plus.
  • Capability to both work autonomously and collaboratively.
Application Process

Below is the application process which we have simplified for you:

  • If you’re willing to apply, you may find the main application link by clicking the Apply button in the article.
  • You can apply online by uploading your resume and filling out some basic information.

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